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Has NL ever considered doing video reviews? It would be good for people who are too lazy to read a text review. Plus, it would be nice to see some gameplay footage while you hear the review to know exactly what the reviewer is talking about.

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Yes we have considered them. No plans yet but never say never.


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BUMP! I also thought of this. I love watching good video reviews (there aren't that many out there actually). Plus having the reviews on youtube is a great way of making the site more known.

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This would be brilliant. It would be great for huge titles to get video reviews.

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We are actually looking into this at the moment, but have no firm plans as yet

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if you do i suggest a classic game room style with no scores, man i hate reviews with scores these days people skip any game thats less than an 8.

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^ This :0 but CGR has a tendency to be mainly positive. I like CGR but it is nice to know some flaws a game has. Mostly to determine if you care about them or not . Maybe you guys could leave the ratings out of video reviews?

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Isn't CGR a whole collective of reviewers? They can't all be overly positive.

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@rayworld yeah it is a collective but its mainly one guy doing the CGR reviews theres also cgrundertow which is more usually different people.

i personally wouldn't say there all positive at all you can usually tell by the end if the games worth playing, that its awesome or if its worth leaving. they make all the points a normal review would just leaves it more to the viewer to make the final verdict.

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I'm not quite sure about this since some of the crap IGN has been able to pull out with this format. A review, like yours, should be long and reflective enough to justify its score, and most video reviews aren't, as people would look elsewhere for a shorter video. Plus, if you'd have to review all the DSiWare and stuff as well in this format, you're in for a rough time.


They don't need to video review every game that comes out. All of the major releases and a few hidden gems, but definitely not all of DSiWare. And I'd be happy if they didn't do video reviews of games already released, just as they come out.

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