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Everyone who has hated me in the past, (as Party on Dude/Captain Jack Sparrow); knows I usually talk/type the way I do... but I've toned it down with the usage of all CAPS! But I express myself all of the time by using smilies at the end of every sentence/long paragraphs! That's just the way I like to type; & I'm probably certain most others do the same!

But here's a wild thought; I'm just running this by forums as a wild suggestion too mind you!
"Why not dissable the use of smiles for at least for a little while; that way people would use them less like myself! And maybe half of the time in the comments section (which usually gets flooded with over some 100-200 comments most of the time); would be sort of better to read, IMOA!
Again this is just a thoght; I don't care if it gets ignored! I'm just running this by the community; to make the comments section & forums a semi sort of better place!
only smily I'm using:

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It's nice to be able to string a couple of characters together without the server interpreting it as a "smilie" if that's not what I desire. I certainly think an option for individuals to not have these symbols replaced with a smilie graphic is something that should be on "the list" of improvements!

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I overuse and way too much, but I'm almost always kidding or excited about something, so it fits my personality!


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I'd love more smilies so we could be more expressive and stuff, instead of just going and all the time.




I do use quite a few of these but mainly because I think sometimes over the Internet humour can get lost and I do have quite a dry sense of humour and I think that if I didn't put a or a then people wouldn't realise I was joking (or maybe my jokes just suck! ). I'm with Machu give us more.A picture tells a thousand words after all.

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What's this bit for again?


I use smileys quite alot simply because written text can be misinterpreted way to easy. And I use it even more often here because English is not my mother tongue and so I'm not that silver-tongued and therefore you often can't see wether I mean something serious or annoyed or happily or sad or whatever so I use smileys to show it <- see?

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I'm sad that there is no angry smilie but there is a

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lz2009 wrote:

I'm sad that there is no angry smilie but there is a


this one can be used angry smiley. Although it's rather schadenfreude than anger

The symbols " /> are just a bug... you get that devil by ending one line with a colon and start the next one with the normal smiley

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lz2009 wrote:


Or everytime you want an angry smiley you just go to google, type in "angry smiley", choose "icon" as image format, copy and paste the image link and put the image code around it. It's so easy and non-circuitous
like this:

//" alt="Untitled" />

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Keep smilies, make more even, i love them

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Ah ya beat me to it Roopa132.

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i love smileys probally because i smile alot in real life:P, but unlike my real life smiles they aren't crooked

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