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I'm sure someone else has brought this up before, but you know what NL needs? A user review system.

Sure, the critics here write good reviews and all, but lots of people don't have the same tastes or opinions as them. A user review system would show what certain demographics think of certain games and the like.

EDIT: Also, the ability to give out a rating and for the page to display an average rating based on all the user ratings. Sort of like GameSpot.

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Agreed, this site really needs a user review section.

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Best thread ever.
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Yes. That WOULD be nice.

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Yeah I'm eagerly awaiting this. Apparently it's been in the works for several months now.

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That would be awsome. I like writing reviews.



A bunch of stuff 'has been in the works' and what real changes have been made to the site this year?

Or in the past year?

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if you have a problem with the speed at which Nintendo Life is updated with new features, tell it to the admins. :3

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