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I'd very much like to be able to set my own time zone for the board. Seeing military time from a completely different time zone is almost useless to me. Considering that a lot of us use the forum to organize games online, it would be nice if I didn't have to post a testing message each time someone says "Want to play now?" to see how long ago they said this.

Not a major issue, certainly, but seems like a pretty standard feature that's conspicuously missing. I'll live whether or not it's ever added.

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I agree with you... Being in the Pacific Standard Time is a real pain for getting games together and it would be nice to see alocalized timestamp on the board.

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You should try to do it adding news items to the site and putting "tomorrow" on something only to have someone in Europe say "But it's today here...nah!"

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I go really confused working out what time the Mario Kart tournament was yesterday

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Thanks for the feedback, we're certainly try and work this into the code... the only (minor) problem is that a number of the pages on the site are cached (ie, not generated on every page view) so the times would be "hardened" into the cache.

We're planning some changes over the summer so we'll certainly try and get this one done.

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