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I seem to remember seeing the original Nintendo Life back when news of the Wii began tearing the web apart. However, I didn't really get into Nintendo Life until the announcement of the Nintendo DSi.

@TBD, I can see why you like so much. It's like a time capsule of sorts! How sweet is that?

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I was at the VC-Reviews/Forum in 2008 but rarely posted, then I saw the Nintendo Life site on April Fools a year later and many people kind of complained then....I think some left as I recall a few members from VC-Reviews/Forums such as Jogurt, Starfox_UK and STB(?). I wish those guys came back as they were cool.

At least MickeyMac is still here.

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STB is still around. Also, yay Mickeymac.

I joined the day I found your Mighty Flip Champs review. That game is special to me just for that reason.

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I found the sites VC-Reviews and WiiWare World and I loved them. One time, when I typed them into google, I just found a site called Nintendo Life. I was so disapointed! But, after a few more tries at google, i finally clicked on the site, and i realized it had the same content as vc reviews and wiiware world. after looking at the site for a while, i decided to join, where i became wiiman10

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Guys, while I'm glad you're all enjoying reminiscing about the olden days of Nintendo Life, this isn't really the place to do it. If you'd like to discuss how you came here, this existing thread will do the trick.

I'll keep this open but please bear in mind this is the 'Feedback' forum, so please keep posts on-topic. Thanks all :)

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Roopa132 wrote:

VC Reviews

Kid_Knuxarus wrote:

felt like ages ago.

:p So true!

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