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I think that would be very nice to have as it's a great way to read forum content.

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@Sean_Aaron Hey, thanks for the suggestion - I haven't come across this App before - I would be interested to know if any other users would find this useful, as it would take a little bit of development work to setup.


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It's pretty nicely done, with YouTube integration as well. The only thing it doesn't seem to handle is polls. I started using it with the Pinball Arcade fan forum and it's been a lot easier than using a browser interface on my iPad.. I think I've seen people request it here before, but within another post, so I thought a dedicated request might bring any users out of the woodwork!

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I would like tapatalk integration if it were available, but I do realise implementing it could be costly. It would make it easier to quick-talk on this community though.

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Tasuki wrote:

What's taptalk?

Its an app on mobile for viewing forums. I would love to see Nlife on taptalk.


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I would use it, it is the ideal way to browse forums for me.

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