Topic: Super Evolutions for Pokemon Switch 2019.

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Dear, Nintendo Soup.

For Pokemon 2019 for the Switch, I’m thinking of a new Evolution, Super Evolution, much like Mega Evolution. Type Gem capsule would access it. For example, Super Charizard, which will glow golden yellow and its horns will go upright like a Super Saiyan. Mewtwo will glow gold and will have both psychic and electric powers and Super Lucario will glow yellow while it’s ears go upright and turn gold. Blastoise would glow red and has water and fire attacks and its guns would turn gold.

Take this with a grain of salt,

From Scott.



Sorry I meant the fans.



Looks like someone wants Goku in Smash.

Please notify me if you want to add me on Switch before sending a request. It makes my life easier.

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