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People complain about friend codes, and that is fine, if that is how they feel, but I am surprised no one takes advantage of a business oppurtunity here.

Make a phone book type networking site.

Every registered user could input system and friend codes for whatever game they liked to play, between Wii and DS. There would even be a 5 star system to how good they felt they were at the game to find the level of competiton they desired. And when they were most often free to play. Then the system would send there friend code to whoever everyone who matched there preferneces, and vice versa. If you were interested in adding that person, you could add them, and send a shout back for them to add you. Then those 2 would be connected to send messages back and forth to set up 'play dates'.

Sure would save a lot of topic titles. If everything was organised under one user page, and constanlty updated, with new or different friends to be added or removed as desired,,,,,,it would be very convinent.

Does this make any sense???.

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Sounds like quite a neat idea! I've never bothered sharing my friend codes because unless you know the person, it's no different than just doing random match-ups (and I don't play anything but Brawl online regularly). This would make it more worthwhile, I think.

Come on, friends,
To the bear arcades again.


That is cool, but it all sounds a bit complex. Hows about people type in their friend codes, and then they can see if others have the same games on their profile. From there, they can offer to swap, and if the other user accepts, fc's get sent to both members via e-mail.

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