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I've been telling the automatic Flash updates to take a hike and Safari has finally told me that the plugin has been disabled for security reasons because it's out of date. Rather than update it I've decided to opt for a Flash-free existence. Although I don't seem to have any issue with the site on my iPad, I note that when I visit on my Mac I see no ads and the comments section on articles appears to be broken.

Are there two versions of the site running using code that auto-detects whether the browser is on an iOS device? If so might it not make sense to either ditch Flash altogether or automatically present the html5-compliant version to Safari browsers full-stop, regardless of what OS they're running on?

At this point the only reason I could possibly see for getting Flash working on my computer again is for my daughter's use of the Monster High website, though honestly I don't know if it's Flash-based or not - better check!


I congratulate you on your flash-free existence.
I hope you enjoy your flash free browsing as I have been doing many years.

As far as I am aware there is only one version of the website.
However looking at the code there do seem to be some iDevice detection going on (retina display and such) so it may be possible.
I can't comment on what the advertisements are based on (flash, gif or still images) and be 100% positive.
My guess would be they mostly use flash advertisements. as they are more common for legitimate advertising.

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Hope you're well - technically there is only one version of the site, however we do load different things based on what device you're using, such as iOS, 3DS etc.

As for flash, we don't use it on the site at all. However, some of the third party things we use - such as YouTube - still use Flash. I'll need to double check what YouTube is up to to make sure the code we have will use the HTML5 version by default - I was under the impression it was.

The adverts that we have on the site, not every day though, will often use flash for rich media. Hopefully the ad creatives will move away from flash soon, but as I'm sure your aware most of the advertising world still uses it.

What pages are you having trouble with? and what makes you think its related to flash? For example, the comments section doesn't use any flash - what appears to be broken?


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The front page looks fine, but when I click an article only the article appears. Where some kind of wraparound ad would have been is blank and the only thing I can see of the comments is the line with the Tweet/FB icons. It's possible the page didn't finish loading, so maybe the ad hung everything up?

The page I saw this on was the latest Zombi-U news from last week. I'll do some more testing tonight. It may prove a moot point depending on how my daughter reacts to the loss of the Monster High site!


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