Topic: Shouldn´t NL be better optimised for Internet channel?

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Question/suggestion is in the title. Would be nice wouldn´t it?

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I actually in a way like that idea but that might mean they'd have to make a completely different site cause i think thats how they did for the internet channel on here for the wii thats how i am able to come on Nintendolife since i have no computer. but that would be a very cool idea. If they would want to do that or if they can do that

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They just have to check browser and change template to load content into. Easy as.. plätt

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Guys, yeah it is something we'll put time into when we have some spare time Priority at the moment is getting over to the new server and then perhaps we'll look at this.

We don't want to maintain a drastically different design for the Internet Channel, but a few minor changes would allow it to scale on the screen better

Same goes for DSiWare Browser..

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I do not really use the Internet Channel and I paid for it. I am glad they are giving me a NES game in return. I think I would probably use the NES game a lot more.



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