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If you had a hands on experience with the Wii U controller (which you did). How does the touchscreen feel compared to the 3DS screen?


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Was your body ready?



Does Super Mario 3DS include a super guide mode for challenging areas like Super Mario Galaxy 2 and DKCR had?



Was there anything at E3 you didn't get to mention?



What's the new F-Zero like? Admit it. You saw it. Do you drive any galactic dump trucks?

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Is the Wii U something that u would want to come back to, if yes what would make you want to come back to it?

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Hows does the WiiU circle pad feel compared to traditional analog stick? Does having them above the buttons feel comfortable?

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Well since the impressions today took a bit longer than I expected, I'll do the Reader Questions article tomorrow. So if you have any questions, now's the time to post them here.

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Do you think that the graphical capabilities of the Wii U will be able to match whatever new system that Sony or Microsoft will come out with? I don't wanna sound like a graphics whore, but that's what's been on my mind

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what are your opinions on skyward sword? is it hard?

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Another question I have: Was Sonic Generations for 3DS playable? If so, will there be any impressions?

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@briunj04 According to the specs sheet, it will be able to preform above the PS3 and the Xbox 360 in 1080 p no less.

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My questions are about your experience with the Wii U controller. What impressed you the most about the controller and was there anything that disappointed you about it? Could you give us a break down of the Wii U tech demos that you played? What did you like about them and what you didn't like? How comfortable is the Wii U controller to use and do you think it will be good for long play sessions? Is the Wii U controller light weight?

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Out of all of the new games you played, which one(s) were your favorite(s)?

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Alright, been working on impressions non-stop, but I'm going to do these questions later tonight so get them in while you can. Given how many impressions I still have, there will likely only be this one round of questions.

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CaveStory 3D looked amazing in just the screenshots. But in your own actual words would you say that it completely obliterates the DSiware and Wiiware versions? (Meaning with more content included. If there is more content included in 3DS version.)

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