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Please represnt us! Anyone can add their suggestons these are mine!

1. Does Nintendos online service pay for itself - is it self sustaining? If not - how do they determine how much to spend on it?

2. Is Nintendo planning on subscription online ala LIVE (We do not want it! Right? lol I don't)

3. Will Nintendo please stick to physical media?

4. Will Nintendo please never DLC or episodic content their games?

5. How long will they support Nintendo online store past the lifes of their systems???

6. How long on online play?

I have very many concerns about digital media, please represent me - stand up for us game buyers! We want answers! Not vague one sided contracts.

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I can answer some of these:

1. No, someone is paying for it
2. Why would they do that?
3. They are sticking to the physical media. They're releasing at least five games that we know of in the next few months
4. Nintendo rarely releases any games on Wiiware anyway that's actually theirs
5. They can't really answer that now
6. What?


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I really don't see the point for those questions.
Pay for online? why? is not working with the others why they should?
DLC is just a shameless way to milk customers.
I really don't understand why they want them to copy the losers but whatever. Thanks god they don't listen to you.