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Can you guys invent a way to make it so that its possible to see more then 10 posts at a time? Unless theres a button hiding from me I haven't found yet...


how about making it a personal options so users can choose if they want more than 10. I kind of would like 50 per page. (I don't like 'next' buttons)


I agree with this. 10 posts is hell for me, I like to have the option for around 100 a page

One site I know has seven posts per page, with ads in between, argh, so at least your better than them

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50 per page is a bit too much, but if we can at least have twenty, or maybe even thirty, that would be fantastic.

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20 sounds like a nice round number to me.

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We want to keep things pretty simple... now the forums have "bedded" in we'll look at adding some of the more commonly requested features, upping the post count is one of them, we'll probably try things out at 20. 50 would be the next logical setup up but maybe thats too much

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Sounds cool. I would like it as a "user preference" if possible because some will like 10 per page, some 20, some 1000 (lol). So please consider that.

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This is much better, I dont have to click "next" as much, when I'd rather scroll down more
Thanks for increasing it even a bit

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