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It would be cool, but the problem is that some people will abuse it, so I guess it's not a great idea.

Wasn't there already a thread like this?

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We all know who the regulars are and who contribute most to debates.
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No post count is great, i never feel like im over posting when i am lol and it would just distract, rankings are even worse, too much competition and "favour" would come from that.

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Post counts ruin forums. It makes people spam, and just race to having thousands of posts.



Well, people spam here already, don't they?

I wouldn't care either way.

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Firkraag wrote:

DO NOT add post counts, would be a shame to spoil an otherwise great forum experience.

please listen to this man...

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Sorry for the slow reply - Yes, we deliberately don't have post counts on this forum, they are generally useless totals that always get abused by people posting again and again and again just to get their post count up.

Post counts do not signify the "quality" of a user, lots of posts does not mean the user is experienced

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I totally agree. Having post counts would be terrible. It is pretty useless and like Joe Diddley (#24) said: The quality of your posts is much more important than having a high post count.



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