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Topic: Popular Games is messed up!

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This has been bothering me. Nintendo Life is a Uk based site right? Then why in the "Popular Games" section on the home page is Blaster Master Overdrive and Megaman 4 in there if its not been released on the Wii yet?

I started noticing this when Castlevania Rebirth was somehow in there yet was two months before its NA release.

How are the games rated top to bottom, Number one to ten, More or Less popular?

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We are a UK-based site but around two-thirds of our overall traffic comes from the US. I think Ant may be able to explain the "hot games" list better than I can.

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Just a guess but I'd say it'd have something to do with the amount of traffic on it's individual page, and any news related to the game. So in the case of Castlevania Rebirth, and if I'm right in saying this, it's announcement alone probably put it in the "hot games" list.

But yeah, Ant would know better than me

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Yeah, I noticed that Sexy Poker was on that list not long ago. BLASPHEMY D:

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And now, Warmen tactics is on there.
How exactly do games end up on that list? :P

Just let it happen.

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bots hit them, artifically inflating their ranking relative to the site.

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Raylax wrote:

Yeah, I noticed that Sexy Poker was on that list not long ago. BLASPHEMY D:

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