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I have a suggestion. Could we have the option to start polls in topics like other forums? I think it will be a great idea.



Is it possible to limit one vote per member or could you just delete your cookies and vote ten times? Cos the latter would suck!

mmmmm, cooookies

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lol i like how most suggestions are saying this site should do what "other forums" are doing lol

Anyway, polls could have their place in the sense that keeping count of things like the whole favorite NL user could be easier but also, polls can really be a menace when you realize you're always being told to vote for things and to me thats just not as great as giving your own input. Besides, with polls its either black or white, u agree or u dont, u say yes or no, theres no real discussion for pros and cons and analyzing everything lol

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I really don't like polls myself -- I prefer people to actually state their views in a post. It tends to contribute more to online discussion than clicking a radio button followed by a "submit" button.

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