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I bought Steamworld Dig: a Fistful of Dirt, which was 2 weeks ago. I played it on and off since, and it was challenging to beat. I thought it was a great price for the content in the game, but if it had more features, that would have made the game maybe worth a few more dollars. Traveling though the caves was a blast, literally! Solving the puzzles was... puzzling, although there could have been more of them. The fact that ore doesn't regenerate, forces you to be conscientious of not dying the game, otherwise you lose half of your saved cash, that was a positive aspect.

Fun and balanced gameplay
Extended leveling and upgrade system
Unique enemies
Interesting resource collection
Finite Ore
Mysterious plots

Game length is short
Lack of dynamic characters
Needs a sandbox mode

The game ended so abruptly, I guess its some sort of cliffhanger for their sequel. I just wanted to shed light for the developers and the community on what areas were good and what areas need improvement.



I really enjoyed the game, but I felt it lacked a little too. I expected there to be more bosses and was disappointed a bit in the end. That being said though, I was happy with what I got and felt it was worth the $7.99. I would definitely pick up the sequel if they made one, no question.


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Umm... not sure if you know this guys but this site is not affiliated with Nintendo.

You might want to try

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I just found out image & form is making 3 new steamworld games so never mind this post!



Nukedpenguin wrote:

I just found out image & form is making 3 new steamworld games so never mind this post!

wow! seriously?! thx for the notice!

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