Topic: Please Fix the List of (USA) Wii Virtual Console Games :) (1 missing, 1 wrong date)

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I thought someone would have fixed this by now, but guess not

If you are in the Virtual Console (Wii) section of the site and go to Games --> Out Now at the top of the page, select USA as the region and order the games by date (***Most Recent*** at the top), you'll see two noticeable errors:

1. Sengoku 2 (Neo Geo) which came out on USA VC November 8th 2012 isn't even listed.

2. Burgertime (NES) has the wrong release date (and thus the wrong position in the list) - it came out December 6th, not November 6th; so it should be between Ninja Masters (Neo Geo) and Real Bout Fatal Fury 1 (Neo Geo) on the list.

Please fix this ^_^ Thank You.


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