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Topic: Please fix the 'banner ad bump'

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So when you open any page on the forums, the page loads before the ads. That's fine. What happens, though, is the page is loaded without the spacing for the ad, so when he ad is finally loaded the entire page shifts downwards. For me at least, this has resulted in quite a few miss clicks as the space under my mouse or finger is suddenly populated with something oh her than what I was pointing at.

Is it possible to fix this?




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Yeah that happens more on the mobile site for me. It's like the most annoying thing ever! :P

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I think this is a wonderful idea. I don't have a particularly fast connection, so this can become problematic.

Is it possible to insert white space at the top of the page that loads when everything else loads and then the ad can go into the white space?

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This happens to me too.

It's always confusing when I aim for a specific thread and end up in a completely unrelated thread instead :P

Oops, no username pun.

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yes, Yes, YES!!!! This always annoys me so much when when I browse the site, I'm constantly mid clicking and stuff. I'd love it if this was fixed.

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