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I mostly chek others countrys only they're grammar are horrable.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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dark-insanity wrote:

...we all live on the same planet...or do we!? (peeps out the window)

Some people around here act and speak as if they're from a different planet.


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I want the flags back but it is not too much of a big deal.

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I want the flags back. It was always fun to see where everyone was from...

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Yes, I liked the flags. They helped me to find other people that are from my country (México) so I can get some details about the things happening around here (about videogames, of course). For example, when everyone talks about the freaking eShop Cards -still not available here-, flags are kinda useful :C

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Yes, please bring the flag icons back. I liked when I saw everyone's country of origin at a glance. It was just a cool, simple little feature which is the only thing(that I can think of) that the new version needs.

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YES although i just discovered that you can click the name and go to their profile and view their location

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Yes! I was always looking for fellow Finns (which there are surprisingly many seeing how small Nintendo is in here) and overall it was cool to see others locations.

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I vote "YES".

Is it important? Not in the slightest, but I think it's just a cool little feature. Kind of like when you're starting up a Mario Kart game online, and it shows which countries your competitors are from. It's simply cool. Sure, I could get the information by going onto someone's profile, but it's just a neat idea. I can't fathom why someone wouldn't wan't it (as the naysayers themselves say, "just go to the profile page", so it's not like they're against that info being shown).


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I personally liked the flags. I liked seeing at a glance where people are living.

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I'd like the flags back too

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No, I want privacy.

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Oh my gosh. I was thinking about this the other day then forgot about this.
I still support bringing back the flags.

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Maybe they should display them again. And the full name and address, credit card number and expiry date, Personal Contact Details (Mobile & Email), size of shoe, hair color, and your favourite wine.



Maybe it would be up to the user themselves whether they want their flag shown or not.

No, I want privacy.

You don't have it now. All it takes is one click to see where you are from. Or I could if you weren't banned. Guess you got your privacy now.

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I know this was a big change for some users, we've outlined why we felt it wasn't necessary anymore and therefore have to consider the matter closed, thanks for your opinions though! Contact us if you need to discuss further.

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