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You know, one of the strange things I don't get is when I have a post edited for whatever reason, but I never get notified in any way about it unless it's severe. On MANY other sites, including mine, there is a system that warns you if you break the rules so that you don't do them again, or at least know what you did wrong. But this site doesn't seem to have any at all. Therefore, I get very annoyed when I make a post, only to come back and check on it 4 weeks later and find that it was edited in a way that makes it all broken. (I understand editing due to rules, but if my violation is the first sentence and third sentence, and the second gets left alone, it becomes awkward and I change it so it makes sense without breaking said rules.) It's easier to see on the forums as there is a note that never goes away telling you who edited what post.

So my question is, why not a warning system? I know you email us if we did something extremely bad, but when our posts vanish for no explained reason, it's kinda frustrating when you can't know what you did wrong. So maybe NL could install an automatic warning system that emails you when a post is deleted/edited by a staff member? It would be nice to know what was wrong in my posts so that I don't end up doing it again by accident.

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I thought there was one. When ever I would post something not kosher a mod would either tell me in that thread or I would receive an email on what I did wrong.


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@TheDreamingHawk the only time I've had a post deleted was when I lost hope in a thread and said it was gonna get locked. . But whenever I see someone else's post get deleted, I look at the community rules again so I can see what they did. :3

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I know you get either an email or a edit note for some stuff, but I'm talking for minor things like saying some out-of touch words. So unless it's TBD hating on me for some reason (Not that she would, I have her email!) or a massive NL glitch, I would have gotten an email if I did something bad

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Yeah, a little warning before IP banning someone for 4 months with no explanation via email or elsewhere might be nice.

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(a) TheDreamingHawk, the reason I kept deleting your comments was because that portion of the conversation was over — the situation with the user you were responding to had already been handled, and yours were not the only comments that had been deleted from that thread. A good rule of thumb is that if you notice your comment is gone, don't re-post the same exact thing, especially if it involved you screaming at another user about something. I do apologize; most users are generally able to put two and two together in terms of that sort of thing.

(b) zez, you asked to be banned, then you blatantly flaunted the fact that you had had a second account the entire time, which pissed me right the hell off . I knew full well that you had my contact information, and so I chose to make sure that time around that you'd been banned as requested. In short, be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it.

(c) shingi, there is no system for this, actually, though i'm flattered you think so, lol — i have to go through and manually e-mail users each time i need to hand down a warning or something. most of the time if it's a small rule that's been broken (like someone posting a 'first comment' or a rare profanity, or in cases like this where i'm trying to stamp out one user's disruption of a thread by actively discouraging other users who are trying to provoke them), i won't bother with a warning e-mail, but if it turns into a trend later on or if it's a major infraction I'll go ahead and give them the heads-up that their behavior is not OK.

all that said, i wouldn't really mind having a system in place that would make it easier for me to contact users every single time i have to delete something. it's more work for Ant, though, and i know i've put quite a bit on his plate already lately, so we'll see what he decides, i suppose. :3

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