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You know that box where your profile, accout logout thing is,
(that has rounded corners only on the left-side)
that turns that specific blue colour when 'hovering-over'...
...right, see it, well,
why doesn't the nav-bar with news, and about,
turn blue while hovering over,
and more specifically for me,
why doesn't the pull-pop-up-menu turn to that colour?
Ran out of ink or time or something?
The bottom links for hot games and rss feeds etc.
is okay doesn't change since it's,,,at the bottom and goes with the grey copyright stuff.

And does the word Wii on the WiiWare tab, have to be grey or doesn't it have to be white too....
...done't worrry, I'll or someone else will come up with others if we leave this UNLOCKED, f***

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hmmm i get your point however if you want people to take this more seriously take out the nothing serious part in your heading, since i actually initially went away from the page when i saw it said nothing serious lol. I came back tho since there were no replies and i hate it when people dont reply to my ideas xD

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Thanks DaDUn, (sorry if you have to change your first post)
uhm, I don't think the 'code' necessary would be so high-intensive to load, so what's the excuse....uhm, reason? =D



@Lakitu 64, as far as I know it shouldn't be turning blue when you hover over it, only the [->] arrow icons and the text should be blue, not the whole box.

Screenshot / Browser?

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