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Lately I have been trying to watch youtube videos using the internet channel for the Wii. I am noticing that more and more videos require the new adobe flash player. Sense the Wii is not a computer it can't download it. Which is why I suggest the internet channel for the Wii be updated and have the latest version of flash player built in. If that is to hard for Nintendo to do then the next best thing I guess would be to have it downloaded separately but make it compatible with the internet channel. Its been a long time sense the internet channel got an update. I think its time for a new one.



Now that they've announced the Wii U I wouldn't expect many more updates for anything in the Wii.



I think the ship has sailed on that one. Sorry about your luck.

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Yeah, hopefully the Wii U will be able to play those videos.

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@y2josh They recently updated Netflix.

Yeah but that update was through Netflix not Nintendo.

Honestly if you want to watch You Tube videos you are probably better off watching them on a computer or a smartphone.

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