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Game music is an important part of games, and more efforts should be made to promote it. Nintendolife once had the NLFM podcast, which featured some good game music selections, but that has been dormant for a while. This could be substituted by featuring more game music news: remixes, new albums, samples, downloadable soundtracks, concerts and everything else.

For example, there's a "Retro Game Music Bundle" coming up in three days. The content is still unknown, but maybe there'll be some good stuff?



@Mahe thanks for the suggestion, we are starting to cover more gaming music more often, though I don't believe we have any experts on staff at the moment.

NLFM indeed was great, but sadly Jon has other commitments in real life that prevent him from bringing this back to life, one day maybe.

If there is anything that you feel is news-worthy please use the contact form to let us know about it!

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A good friend of mine recently started a website dedicated to videogame music. I even designed the logo for him! Definitely check it out. He's pretty well connected with his composers etc. He recently interviewed Austin Wintory, the guy who scored Journey.


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