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have you guys ever thought to make an app for mobile devices.


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I always thought it would just be better to make their site a little more mobile friendly or have a mobile version all together.
Though I guess a free app would increase unique visitors...And if they had Ad Sense on it. I suppose it would make them some extra cash they otherwise wouldn't be making.



Yeah, I would really like an app for this website on my iPod touch. If you guys have an iPod or iPhone try the app called "Vooks", it is ok but it doesn't have reviews.

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Yes, we have an iPhone App in development (kind of) at the moment, however I don't really know when it'll be released, probably at least 2-3 months away whilst my colleague works on some other apps.

Android could follow next year perhaps

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I'd rather have it be free with ads, but I guess I could get it if it's $.99.

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If it's not free I'll use the safari browser on my iPod.

UNLESS OF COURSE, if it has stuff the website doesn't have.

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pHaT-aNt_ wrote:

It won't be free but it won't have adverts

How much do you think the iPhone one will cost? I think around $0.99 to $1.99 would be good.....



/me wants


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