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@Blue_Blur Nice, even though I'm sad you scored my favorite game of all time, Wind Waker HD only a 9, as well with BOTW, I respect Xenoblade Chronicles being up there!


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@FGPackers Skyward Sword was an 'unlucky 9' for me - I loved it, but I just love Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild a smidge more...the more I think about it though, the more harsh a 9 seems - I might have to revisit Skyloft soon and see if we can't bump it up to a 10!

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@NaviAndMii you have to! By the way i gave it 10 just because it's in my top 3 with BOTW (1) & TP (3)

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@Blue_Blur +Didn't like the story so much, it just felt like lots and lots of side quests. Still one of my favorite Wii-U games.


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