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If you are an iPhone user check out the basic iPhone version of Nintendo Life:

We realise it's missing a lot of functionality at the moment, if you are interested in seeing it completed please list what YOU would like to see below. I'll start:

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I'd rather you spent your time on other features. F*** the iPhone!



I'd be interested to check this out. Shame I don't have an iPhone.

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I do not support the iphone at all. Since this is NINTENDO life, how about a special page for the DSi??

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No doubt we could just make a generic mobile version which would look good on DSi, iPhone and other smart phones. Keep pestering us if you want such features or it's not gonna happen!

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Nintendo Life, optimized for the Wii Opera browser, should be first on the list.



Just to let you know I have just tried this out on my Nokia 5800 and it works a treat, I would imagine it works on any smartphone not just the iphone.


@Dazza-I do go to NL on my itouch, including the main site and the chat, but I use Safari and the normal site, not the itouch version. Sorry, but thats my preference.

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Hello thats my first post in the forum.

Now to the topic
Stop supporting Apple. Its a rival of Nintendo.



I've used Nintendolife, normally, via iPhone plenty of times and it works fine...not sure why we needed a little mini-portal.

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Said it before.... NintendoLife should be better looking viewed in the Wii Internet Channel. You should also have some statistics to work from... showing what browser is most used, wich resolution is most used bla, bla, bla. Does the iPhone even show up at these stats or is it hidden in the others column?

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Next thing you know, Slapshot might be asking for a PS3 page exclusively to PS3 Internet's. Just kidding.


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