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I've mentioned these in the past, when Europe's Nintendo Download article didn't make the featured post but America's did, which required a bit of digging to re-locate. It was so the front page wasn't covered in featured posts, which is fair enough.

But now it seems we're having no less than four of the download articles - NA / EU, 3DS and Wii U. And already the featured articles section is looking rather stodgy. I have a few possible suggestions:

  • Use the user's Location to pull up the article most relevant to them. Americans see the NA Nintendo Download lists on the front page, PAL regions see the EU one. For anyone who doesn't fall into these (members from Japan, for eg), use a default. Hell, this might even help to stem (slightly) the weekly "REGION X GETS ALL THE GOOD THINGS; REGION Y GETS NOTHING. NINTENDO OF Y SUCKS" posts.
  • Standardize some links to the other articles within the body of each article.
  • They're a weekly occurrence. Like clockwork, guaranteed every Thursday. And you folks, with the site's history and all, are particularly known for your exhaustive downloads coverage. Might make sense to pull it out of the Featured Articles list altogether and give it a permanent static placement somewhere on the home page.


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