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Dear Virtual Console folks,

I originally wrote in the NintendoLife Virtual Console’s Intro article, but this is probably a better place to put other thoughts on a similar note. My thoughts are only a few suggestions concerning the new arrangement.

First, for instance, when in the Virtual Console Reviews sector of the website, can you make it so the side tabs (such as: Latest Videos, Latest News) only show matters related to the Virtual Console? There is quite a lot there right now that concerns what is already within the other sections.
Also, a background/tab style option (like the original website’s random old game banners) would really add a lot (and, yes, to my greater satisfaction too, as a visitor). Maybe this could even be extended to offering another styling option, only for members.

Now, the following may be farfetched, and that is why I place it last, but is there a way to allow for one to separate the Virtual Console tab from the rest of the website if they choose to do so?
If it comes to it, I think the website should be boycotted until there’s some similarity…

I just kidding…sort-of.

This new website is certainly sleek-looking, but the one before was much ‘warmer’. The original VirtualConsole Reviews habit just represented ‘something’ to me, I wish for simply a little more coziness now too. I will explain (anything) more, if necassary, when the time comes.

I look forward to your thoughts. Thank you!

P.S. A more minor thing came to mind, but I decided to just bring it out. Can the link be eased out of the foreground of the main page(s), for those who it may not be suitable for? And, are you still involved with the VC-Form?




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All you have to do is select the "Virtual Console" tab and then you're basically inside of what VC-Reviews used to be. All of the side links to screens, videos, and such are only related to the Virtual Console. You can just bookmark this main "Virtual Console" page and visit it if you want to skip all other content. It's still basically the same thing as the old sites, they're just now combined with the main page for those who want to see everything at once.

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If it's any help, the VC section is available simply by entering in your browser if you're really lazy. If you want a WiiWare one as well, head on over to

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Okay, I understand. I’m more resigned in that regard now. I still hold on to the remainders though, and I really hope the other thoughts I brought out above were not too rowdy and/or far-fetched to acquire attention.
(Also, that about is really nifty)