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Ability to hide UK announcements or even Japan announcements.. Meaning, if you post news that says, Kid Icarus release date has been announced for UK, I DONT CARE!!! i want to hide those UK announcements. And only have USA announcments because that is where I reside. For example, you announced that the Club Nintendo Mario Pouch will be available.. but in my mind im thinking, is this announcement for USA club nintendo? or UK.. i clicked the link it doesnt even say for which region.. I think NL would benefit separating announcments and news to filter out UK .. if we so choose to. Anybody else feel this way? Or am I alone?

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Or at least have a large Icon of the USA flag or UK flag.. JAPAN .. etc.. by the link.. real big.. and if its across the board announcement, maybe no icon.. or some sort of Mario icon.. something neutral



Yeah I think they should at least state whether a game releated article is for UK, Japan or USA in the link .

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The fact is we're a global website and we have to bring news to readers all over the world. I love your idea we should only do US news because that's where you live, though :3

We always tag stories with the relevant tags which makes it easier for you guys to see the content you're interested in. We even made the tags bigger! Perhaps you'd want to bookmark our North American news tag

Also, I'm not sure what Mario pouch story you're talking about — could it be the one titled Mario and Luigi 3DS Pouches Hit Club Nintendo Japan?

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