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Topic: Negativism Too Much?

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Hey, guys! This is my first topic on forums!
I've fallen in love with this website ever since it was introduced to me and it's my best website hands down, but I can't shake a feeling that something's changed. I think negativism levels have risen ever since.... And I don't like it.

What are your views?


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I am not sure what you mean by negativism levles. If you are talking about articles here well just keep in mind that as a news site NL reports both the bad and good news. It wouldn't be right if they just reported the good stuff.

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Take it from me. Yes it has risen.

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Ehhh... This website is pro Nintendo. Nintendolife praises the 3DS and gives the Wii U spotlight when it can. Every now and then... an article appears of someone throwing shots (sometimes they are deserved but they usually aren't deserved) at Nintendo. Anyway, I don't think Nintendolife is getting negative. They are pro Nintendo.

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I don't think this is a negative site, in fact people here are really nice. The thing is since people here are either pro Nintendo or fanboys it tends to spark arguments when someone can't say nice things about Nintendo even if it isn't offensive at times. Even then usually it's just 2 idiots who post like a 100 comment argument because you know they have to have the last word. You wanna see negative try Gamespot everyone goes at it like a bunch of animals they've been getting reprimanded by every host in every Gamespot show, because they freaked out over Carolyn's review because she gave GTA 5 a 9.0 out of 10. They even changed their community rules because of it. This website is nice usually for every 30 cool people there's usually 1 idiot as opposed to most websites where it's 50/50

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The term is negativity, and I have enough joy to compensate for everyone. n_n

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Heh, heh. It's probably the WiiU with it's growing pains, this Christmas season'll probably bring around better tides in this site.

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Its just the news lately....people waiting for Christmas, and people hype for pokemon and the SSB new characters...but after Christmas it will be better

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No, because the Wii U's situation simply isn't rainbows and sunshine right now and most of us want to hear the news, which just happens to not be all that great right now.

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The problem is that when bad news shows up on this site, people like @PachterKid and others suddenly show up to just rub it in and make bad news seem even worse, and then everyone else joins in and argues.
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Yeah the fact that Wii U sales are pretty low and people saying nintendo being doomed, and slow VC releases and hearing about third party developers who don't want to support the Wii U has kinda caused disarray amongst the site but even still I think we've handled all this better than most other sites handle bad news about their favorite games/videogame systems.
@MrWalkieTalkie I think it's a 2 way streak people should be wise enough to stand above these type of people who just instigate arguments.

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I'd like to say that I hate needless cynicism. There is no use for it, it's just kinda sad and pathetic and I'm not sure why people would desire to act like that. The more extreme examples I genuinely believe are nothing more than high school level nihilism or obsession with nostalgia from bitter, accomplished nothing 20-30 year olds. And even complaining about the same topic too much, I tend to believe is a stupid idea. Even when I go over-the-line towards being cynical, I tend to hate it unless I do it purely for laughs (which to be fair, is more often than people seem to realize, but whatever, that doesn't matter). Any time I am genuinely cynical, it does nothing but weigh me down and waste my time.

That being said, outside of a couple of (at worst) poorly thought out opinion articles, I cannot in any way consider the site too negative. If you mean the forums, I could kinda see that, but if you mean the site as a whole, that is just false. The fact that people don't like that a site isn't closing it's ears and eyes yelling "lalalalala can't hear you" because a video game company might make a mistake should be insulting to anyone's intelligence.

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The main problem stems from people spending way too many hours of their wasted lives whining on the internet instead of just playing the games/consoles that they enjoy... If you look out your window it is a nice day filled with fluffy clouds that have smiley faces and lots of mushrooms to eat and plenty of turtles to stomp on (unless you have dark clouds and heavy rain in your region) ;)


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I think it comes in cycles. Back when 3DS was struggling, many were crying about its failure, but when it started to do phenomenally in sales, the critics shut up. Now with the Wii U it seems particularly intense, but I expect that when it does better, the negativity will decrease and it won't be quite as mean-spirited around here.

I don't expect everyone to come here to swoon over Nintendo and whatever they do, but I also don't expect people to bash Nintendo on a Nintendo website. That just doesn't sit well with me.

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MadAussieBloke wrote:

(unless you have dark clouds and heavy rain in your region) ;)

I see what you (maybe inadvertently) did there... :P

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There can never be enough negativism!

If everything around here was all rainbows and creams, it would be very boring, and all NL reviews would be full of lies~
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The only thing more annoying than negativity is people complaining about negativity.
Or is it people complaining about people complaining about negativity? #shpydarception ;)

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Actually... I'm not implying that NL should report only good news. I'm talking about the comments. Take for instance, Pachterkid, or some people who just automatically say Wii U is the 'worst console EVER'.... Is the latter supposed to be here anyway? Or a website like.. MNN?
A lot of people are nice here, but some people make me... feel bad with such comments, although I can strike back.


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So, in response. I'm not talking about the website AT ALL(It's not their fault Wii U is in bad weather right now, anyway)! I'm talking about some of the comments around here. Comments here btw are WAAAAYYY better than MNN or IGN or any other website. But once in a while it seems someone makes a negative and sometimes UNNECESSARY/SILLY comment, and sometimes, the level may rise and all that.

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Way to be negative about our forums. ):

I had fun once and it was awful.

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