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Doesn't work too great on a 3DS, unlike other mobile sites, Nintendo Life doesn't snap to the screens - you can still wiggle it from side to side, whereas you can't on other mobile sites. Oh and the navigation bar looks kinda horrible. :/

I'm sure you'll fix it over time and make it better, but it works well for now, cheers Ant!

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Being the curious fairy that I am, I clicked that on my laptop.

Now can't get out of it. D:

EDIT: Nevermind, found the desktop version link at the bottom.

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antdickens wrote:

Okay guys, I think I've just found the problem that would lock you into desktop mode on a mobile device, give that link another try.. and you should switch back

I'm mobile again, yay! Thank you!

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A thanks to you too @Alien_Mosky

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Nice. Using the site will be so much easier now.


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Just tried the site on my 3DS and its so much nicer now. Great job Ant.

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Yup, back in mobile aswell, thanks and nice job!

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It works on my 3DS but not on my android

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Loads quickly in my WP7 phone. Looks minimalist too which is great. My only concern is a large grey bar that runs down the right side and takes up about 1/4 of the screen.



@Magi could you send me a screenshot? anthony (at) as I don't have a Windows Phone for testing!

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antdickens wrote:

@Magi could you send me a screenshot? anthony (at) as I don't have a Windows Phone for testing!

Just sent it.



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Works great I say. Miss the side spot for recently replayed to topics, but very manageable. Thanks Nintendo Life team.

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