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Heya Nintendo and forums

I was genuinely curious what some of the other masks were going to do in BOTW. (Discluding the Korok Mask)

I understand it will probably be secret until release, all I wish to know is, are they going to have purpose and use or be cosmetic. Big decider for me on whether or not to get the DLC and I'm sure for many others. Clarity is great.

On top of that, what future plans do you have for the DLC expansion? Are the two expansions you've shown it? Will there be a third down the road. I would hope so. Theres a lot of potential for BOTW, even if its all DLC in the future.

While there is quite a bit to do in the game at the moment, I feel as though it is missing a lot of callbacks from previous games. I see the Koroks were included from Wind Waker. (Which is cool because they look EXACTLY like they did in Wind Waker, always a plus) I however, miss seeing dodongos and Darknut Knights. I wouldn't mind paying for another DLC pack that included more enemies and bosses, possibly even dungeons as well. There is still a bunch of empty space in Hyrule that could potentially be filled, and I know the announced DLC won't fill it all.

Don't cut the game short Nintendo Make it more than amazing!


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Plus it's a secret to everybody until this summer

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@Meowpheel Wow fooled me. Anyways I hope they do something great with it. At its current state minus the two dlc I feel it quite lacking :3



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