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It seems that topics are very easily locked here which can be annoying especially if its a long thread. Its understandable if there are duplicate threads and such but often it seems that when something even potentially objectionable or controversial is even brought up a thread is locked. Also, with duplicate threads it would be nice if threads could be merged or a search function could be implemented on the forum.

Talk of emulation seems to get topics locked yet I see news posts on this site about emulation on phones and such. I really don't know what the rules are for this site since there is not sticky thread detailing the rules like with many other forums.

I know you guys want to keep the site relatively family friendly and keep things from getting out of hand but sometimes you guys seem to go too far and stifle any interesting conversation from occurring.

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Just follow the rules and you won't have to worry about it. It's that simple.

There's a link at the bottom of the page on any news article highlighted in blue, green, or red that'll take you to the community rules.

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straight from the Community Rules:

Your posts and posted images are constantly reviewed by the moderating staff, any post or image deemed unsuitable by them will be censored, edited or deleted without prior warning.

and under 'Unacceptable Content':

Any illegal activity, including any talk of modchips, piracy, warez, unofficial emulators & ROMs.

Yes, there are posts on the main site that cover the aforementioned, and we do keep a close eye on the comments in those threads, as we cannot lock them. On the forums, we can lock them, and so we often do when people begin advocating said alternatives to legally purchasing games or when arguments arise.

as always, if you have any other questions about issues regarding site moderation (or if this post was in specific reference to something that happened), feel free to take them straight to the admins via the Contact Form. Thank you for your understanding.

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