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Hey there,

I'm sure these ideas have already been thrown around so just add my votes.

I'm kind of on a Dsiware binge right now and I can't find a way to list and filter all reviews. I'm quite fond of listing and sorting all reviews. Am I missing something? If not, Vote +1.

Also, wouldn't a DSi/3DS-formatted website be cool or what? I just checked that "Mutant mudds" 3D "minisite" and I like it. A meatier Nintedolife 3DS portal then? Yes,please. Vote +1.

Great site by the way. Live long and prosper.



The reviews can be sorted in a variety of ways. If you go to the games tab, then you can see all the games listed for that section. You can the sort by score, alphabetically, by publisher etc.


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I just knew I was missing something. Thank you very much.



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