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Feel free to post any ideas you have for the any future updates and some ideas you think would be a nice touch in the upcoming dlc.



A few ideas ive been thinking of that i thought might make the endgame a little more fun and also just some additional things to add to the game,

1: assuming the DLC coming out towards the end of the year picks up after the fight with Ganon, and it would invole you going around hyrule with zelda and probably doing all sorts of things and dungeons, i think it would be cool to have a huge reconstruction side/main quest that involes repairing ruins and structures all over hyrule and begin restoring it to its former glory.

2: i think being able to upgrade or enhance your horses at the horse fairy would be pretty cool, like improving there stats would be nice, also maybe make saddle bags that you can equip to store weapons, bows, and shields.

3: definitely adding alot more side quests with more intricate things to do with them, rather then somthing like collect 20 of that item and give it to that person, or kill these enemies, rather have it give more of an effect on an area and maybe get some cool backstory info.

4: an addition of a few more shrines would be nice, those are always fun

5: an addition of crafting new weapons, shields, and bows, and also improving current ones would be another cool way to utilize all those materials you gather.

Was a bit of a mouthfull but just wanted to write some of my ideas down, feedback would be appreciated and let me hear some of your cool idea's too!



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