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JUst like that you have eliminated some mesages and the one I made telling you it you eliminate it so I will make these one, and probably you will eliminate it but it is a suggestions to NOT make that, it really hurts.

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Yes they eliminate forums and make disapear without saying it to use or blocking them, they just make them disappear with no reason and I want to know why?

Man's worst enemy is laziness.


@WhoKnew - he's referring to the moderators and/or administrators.

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yes they delete topic and idk the reason, they don't just block them they eliminate them, why?

Man's worst enemy is laziness.


Uh, NintendoLife Staff are the only ones that can delete forum topics. They do it because some forums are pointless. If you want to know why, contact a member of the staff instead of creating a whole forum topic about it!


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@hulklol: i sent you an e-mail regarding the topic I deleted this morning right after i had deleted it, as it was for a reason, and I didn't want you just reposting the topic to the forums. please check the inbox of the address you used to sign up for Nintendo Life. If you have any questions afterward, please feel free to reply via e-mail.

as always, if you notice a topic you've created has been deleted and you don't know why it could possibly have happened (some are no-brainers, others are more complicated) you are more than welcome to use the Contact Form to fire off your query to the admins, and they'll get to the bottom of things for you. posting a topic like this on the forums is not necessary.

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