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I was always told by people on this site that everyone on here was friendly. It was supposedly a haven from the usually harsh and irrational internet, but I now disagree.
My first experience with people being less than friendly on this site was on my forum I understand that this was a divisive issue that many disagreed with, and people weren't being particularly mean to me, but I saw the way they treated SCAR392. There were comments that I didn't find particularly nice. People told me he lied frequently, so I decided to just let it roll off my shoulder.
Then for a long time, everything appeared to be fine, but then I went to this forum: I understand that Bashing CoD on the internet is overplayed, but there was no reason for reactions like this.

Aviator wrote:

Chrono_Cross wrote:

When I first saw the game last year I thought it could be interesting but my expectations have disappeared long ago.

The more I see of it, the more I never want to play it.

Would buy it in a heartbeat if it came out on PS4.

Will you start placing your Official Trash stickers on game boxes Scar?

I'm sure the world really cares what you think about the game.

Chrono_Cross wrote:

...your opinion is not only false but it's unproductive.

Klimbatize wrote:


Reala wrote:

Well there you have it, scar said it that puts it beyond reasonable doubt there is no question now; its official not opinion but cold hard fact, anyone that thinks otherwise if I understand my scar logic right your a drunk and/or idiot, love it; its like we're blessed to be able to read the sobering and enlightened comments of another being; one that's logic is so far removed from our own understanding its unfathomable, yes we are truly blessed.... and baffled.

I can't believe that on a supposedly friendly site that people would make such unwarranted personal attacks. Things need to change if I want to stay here.

Oh, and before you say that it doesn't matter if I come here or not, I don't use adblock, so I am generating revenue for NintendoLife.

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Yeah, guitars are cool.

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So it's unlocked now?

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Yeah, guitars are cool.

My musical project Comet Tail made a couple of recordings.


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