Topic: If your staff can't review a fanservice game correctly, I'll do it.

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Dogorilla wrote:

The shark from Jaws wasn't real, but that film caused many people to develop a fear of sharks and led to a large increase in shark killings, despite the fact that sharks very rarely kill people in real life. That may be an extreme example, and I think it's very unlikely that most video games would inspire anyone in their right mind to commit acts of violence, misogyny etc, but it's still worth discussing.

You don't even need to go into fiction for problems like this. Most people have a completely distorted sense of how common certain dangers are, simply because the news media so irresponsibly sensationalizes tragedies. Especially in the US, where I think you could fairly say the news media actively tries to mislead and confuse people.
If you ask the general population what are the odds that you'll die in a terrorist attack, a school shooting, be shot by the US police (whilst unarmed), etc, pretty much everyone thinks it's about 1 million times more likely than it actually is.

I mostly blame people for just being morons though, rather than blaming the news networks. It's your job to educate yourself so you're not so easily deluded like this. I'd say the same for the people who got confused by watching Jaws. It's not the media's fault that people are lazy idiots.

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@Dezzy A frightened population is a subservient population easy to control. It's quite intentional, and quite systematic.

People are indeed morons, but in a society where children don't have parents because they're working (or otherwise engaged), for-profit companies, the government itself, and other children raise them, and train them to listen to what their "betters" tell them while assuming those betters have the best of intentions (beyond good intentions of social engineering) how could you have any other result?

The amazing things I hear out of the mouths of babes (read: college kids) is they trust a chain store much more than a a mom & pop store, because the little stores are rip offs and the big companies are run by a lot of people so it's much more trustworthy. "Trust the establishment" is ingrained in the population from birth to levels that would make Lenin blush.

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Oddly, NLs review has made me more interested in the game... I'll wait for it to go on sale, though

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@NEStalgia Yup, completely agreed. I call it the Leftist Plan, and it has pretty much succeeded all over the world, in the process painting everything even remotely right wing as extreme or racist...

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Seems like some jimmies were rustled



So, can we talk about male fanservice games (shirtless dudes, six pack, macho poses) ? ūüėÜ

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Anti-Matter wrote:

So, can we talk about male fanservice games (shirtless dudes, six pack, macho poses) ? ūüėÜ

Dude, there's like...children here, geez.

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@StableInvadeel I believe they were noting the fact that there are children who use this website, not calling somebody a name



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