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I would like to see more community forum involvement with the rest of the site. For example, at the end of an article about an announcement of a game it could say something like:

"Comment what you think about <blahblah> or post your thoughts on the forum."

That would be simple, easy to add and increase community involvement.

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DarkCoolEdge wrote:

The new mobile version is much worse than the previous one. It's slower and makes the forum a pain to read. Everything is too large.

Completey agree. On my tablet (Nexus 7 2012) the homepage and articles the vertical viewpoint is fine, but horizontally it is zommed out and doesn't take up the entire screen. On the forum pages the horizontal viewpoint is the same as the articles (doesn't take up the entire screen), but when the tablet is vertical it is too zommed in and you can't see the entire post without scrolling to the right. I'd be happy to overlook these things, but now I can't zoom in or out manually on any of the pages on the site like I could before.

Also, there's some major overlap with the forum topic names and the top of the first post.

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I liked the really old mobile version. Last years. It was quick and looked a lot like the actual site. But since you guys put so much work into the newer mobile version, could you please at least make the text smaller?

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Is there any way you guys could make the forum work with Taptalk. The mobile version is fine as is, but I view all my other forums in taptalk and its easier to type posts in the app.


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So where's the "Fusion" in-depth analysis/article?

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i think every time someone replies to a comment, it should be displayed below the original comment. as it is now, it's really tedious seeing a really long argument/conversation in the comments, and having to fish throughout all of the total comments to see what the two people were talking about. if all replies were put just below the original comment (in slightly smaller text, making it easier to differentiate from a regular comment), it would be SO much easier to read conversations/arguments between two or more users.
just now for example, i was reading a news post, and these two people were arguing. there were so many comments on the article, and the conversation was so long. it took so long to find the original comment (so i could read everything), i just decided to stop. if reading a conversation on here is a chore, i think there's a problem.

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I'd love to see some video reviews on the site. Not for every single game and not for little eShop titles either, but maybe just for the big titles like A Link Between Worlds and Tropical Freeze.

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Perhaps being able to click the "views" or "replies" on forums in order to see the most or least of those respectively?

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Could we get a "WiiU Screenshots Thread" & "3DS Screenshots Thread" sticky in each respective forum section?

Would be nice with a place to post screens from Miiverse somewhere without ruining discussion threads with big pictures that have to load.

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@HappyHappyist I agree "comment threads" would be nice, though just a tip, you can kinda get around it. CTRL+F and search the username of the person who was being replied to and you can usually find their comment on the page. That's what I've been doing.

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having the notifications popping up on the website would be awesome...

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I thought maybe the live comments section from Directs could become a standard for the site!

I will update this when Half Life 3 arrives. [Started 17/11/2015]

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Re-reviewing updated games? Although I havn't yet had the (?) pleasure of Jet Rocket on 3DS, I hear it's been improved significantly. Also interesting will be how much of an effort Circle make with their "frame rate" update on Swords & S... quite tragic that they made such a mess of it but... an interface revamp, controls readjustment and a smooth framerate would surely warrant a new review score. What do you think?

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This website needs a page that lists unviewed posts only on topics that you commented on. There should also be an unsubscribe button to remove a thread from that list.

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I think a simple like system for articles would be immensely helpful. You wouldn't even have to save the number of likes, just set it so the most likes on a post, that post is the first one you see. It would be good for those stories with like 500 comments.

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Are you guys thinking about adding a user reviews section yet? Or is it that a definite no?

Is there to was though when even at like of than with it?

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Prof_Clayton wrote:

I think a simple like system for articles would be immensely helpful. You wouldn't even have to save the number of likes, just set it so the most likes on a post, that post is the first one you see. It would be good for those stories with like 500 comments.

I honestly don't see the purpose of "likes" anywhere. If you have a strong enough opinion of something, you should be able to comment on it within reason.

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