Topic: I demand big graphical forum signatures!

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Corbie wrote:

You mean this one?

Is that the Grim Reaper from the Maximo game? Loved that game.

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greyelephant wrote:

Corbie wrote:

You mean this one?

Is that the Grim Reaper from the Maximo game? Loved that game.

Gregg the Grim Reaper from Conkers Bad Fur Day, if I'm not mistaken.



It's Gregg from Conker's Bad Fur Day. His opening scene in Conker's Bad Fur Day is still one of my all-time favorite video game moments.

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You mean this one?

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Don't turn this forum into a battle of the biggest and baddest signatures. I like them being turned off just the way it is

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@Nanaki: Thanks for that video - I've now decided that Nintendo NEED to release this on VC, since I never played it the first time round.

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Awww no more backloggery sigs:( If there is one sig. you should let us have its the backloggery ones.

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I will quit using the forum if this happened, lol. The best feature of this forum is that it's clean!



Heh, if anyone wants backloggers signatures, go to the old forums (which is still alive, by the way)!

(Off topic: I prefer that Gargoyle from Live and Reloaded, yet I prefer the "kiddie" Conker games overall.)

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Actually, I like Bowser AND hairy bellies!


I would hate it if the forums got bogged with all those damn picture gallery sigs that others have. Let's leave it happily at text.

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The lack of pictures in signatures makes me very happy. I hate signatures, specially those that exceed one or 2 lines!



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