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This may seem pedantic, but I've noticed that my country (along with everone else from the United Kingdom - crucially, those from Northern Ireland as well) has changed from The United Kingdom [of Great Britain and Northern Ireland] to simply Great Britain. I know this has been changed, because my usual country choice has moved from close to United States to close to Granada on the big list of countries we use to choose our nationalities in our account options.

Fortunately, I am not from Northern Ireland, and so I do not find this change deeply offensive, but some might feel displeased.

Was this a decision made by Nlife Ltd. (a British/UK company no less) or by the hosts (also British), and if it's the former, why was the decision made, and can we not be represented by our constituent countries instead or go back to the United Kingdom identity?

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@edhe good spot - I actually accidentally overwrote this row in the database the other day and thought it was 'Great Britain' but your quite right, it should be 'United Kingdom'.

Order has been restored!

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