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Hello there. I just came with an idea that we should use sub-forums. That way, if a person wants to talk about the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, he can just go to an SNES sub-forum in Virtual Console or Retro forum.


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If you can find the spelling error in your sig I'll agree with you.
And why aren't you old enough for MadWorld? Weren't you raised on a 64?

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Why not just go to retro? Does it really matter that it's in a specific category? All I want is for people to respond.



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I found the error you were talking about



Kim+Jong-Il wrote:

SonicMaster wrote:

@kim jong
I found the error you were talking about

Don't tell him!

i'm seeing two. o_o;;

future of NL >:3
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I count 5 total.

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Seven, including grammar issues.

Oh, and this idea wouldn't be too good, since the sub-forums will take away some of the simplicity, and won't fill up half as fast as the pages currently do. The current set up is easiest to browse through, especially for those who just want to look at all the VC games at once.

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