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So I’ve got 50 bucks to spend and want to put it toward my switch. Should I get the SN30 pro controller or indie games for the switch? I am thinking indie games, as I have MK8DX, BOTW, Odyssey, Splatoon, and DBZ Xenoverse.

Also looking for indie game suggestions. Thanks



Why is this in the suggestion and idea section. I don't think this is a problem of the site. :/

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Personally I’ve enjoyed steam world dig 2 and enter the Gungeon the most.

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Try Portal Knights.
The game looks similar with Dragon Quest Builder but made by Germany developer, Keen Games.
Also, you can choose 1 from 3 available Jobs before you start your New Game.
With just only $ 30, you can enjoy the 3D Minecraft style Open World Survival RPG games.

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