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I think this is a great idea, a place for users to post their games on their profiles. I have a huge collection of NES games, many of them rare and/or unlicensed.


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Just a quick question, will you be able to list your entire game collection or just your Nintendo game collection?


Yes, this would be a much-liked feature and also a good revenue generator for the site as NL could sell the data to marketers at game companies!

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I would love to have this feature back...I remember it being in Nintendo Life...

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Maybe they could also be affiliate links to Amazon to generate a little extra dosh for the site!


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Is there a date for this feature?

Sorry for bringing back an old topic (I used the search bar and this was an open one I found)



Coming Soon: 13/32/2010

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It would be cool, but don't make it as complicated as backloggery. I just need to be able to put down the system and the game so that I don't have to take 2 hours to put all my games on the site.

Just let it happen.

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I saw this on my profile page and was wondering why I couldn't find a link to add things to it....I think perhaps it should be Nintendo only though, for simplicity's sake...

just another day...


i think that we need the user reviews more. cmon, you guys said theyd be up soon in July!

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I apolojize for my newbish knowledge, but i figured this was a pretty good thread to ask the question "what is a backloggery and how do i get one" considering all the hubbub in this thread about backloggeries


Go to

There's probably a register button somewhere. (Can't see 'cause I'm logged in.)


Add your entire games collection.

Go to and post a comment full of :3 smilies.

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Yeah, you can even add friends there

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in the meanwhile, check out it's not for someone who needs backloggery to tell them which games to play, but it's alot easier to add games. only the most recent generations supported though.

example on how it will look when you've added, scored and put a little note about your games.

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pixelman wrote:

Go to and post a comment full of :3 smilies.

And make sure you tell 'im pix sent you

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