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@bunnyking thanks, I saw this story earlier... however we don't have any more to back up the claims, it could just be a Xbox fan with a Microsoft T-Shirt, or a lone employee. We don't have any additional info to back up the story at the moment! Let us know if you find any more...

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They might have their work cut out learning that the employees are from one of the tens of countries where it wont be possible to play on the console.

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Ya np, I can't find any other pics and even then it could just be regular MS guys who happen to be doing their weekly runs at Best Buy. Would be an interesting story though.



There's no way this guy did this under his own free will, and we're not even 100% sure what happened.

Publishing an article about this questionable story like other sites would just further embarrass the man. Thankfully I'm back to bring some sensitivity to this site. <3



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