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Yeah I meant the forum search, nothing against the site search.

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Yeah we agree, this is something we need to get sorted. It's all on Ant's todo list

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Dazza wrote:

Yeah we agree, this is something we need to get sorted. It's all on Ant's todo list

On the top, I hope...

Anyways, that's good to know. IMO, it's the single most important thing a forum can have, and it's a clusterf*** without it. I'll be looking forward to it when it's finally implimented.

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Yep this is something that should definetly be at the top of your 'To Do' list guys. I just wanna post a music vid and I know there is a thread for it ,but can I find it .....NO! Hope you get this sorted soon. I'm not having a go by the way ,I know you guy's are v.busy people,I just wanted to add my 2 cents just to reiterate that an important feature is missing from your forums,one which would probably benefit you guys as much,if not more, than the users.Thanks dudes

What's this bit for again?


Yes, a forum search would be amazing. The people who upkeep the website should get to it ASAP. Duplicate threads ain't a good thing.

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Demonbaby wrote:

Guys, all you have to do is this:
In the place you put the website name type in:
And it will take you right there! Yea! Problemo solved!

Sort of, but honestly it would just be easier to have a keyword search at the bottom or top of the page, but it sounds like NL staff already said their workin on it so cool. Lol I was going to start a thread on a particular game, but haven't because of the potential backlash.



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