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While you're at it, please include the price of eShop games in galleons. I am completely immersed in the Harry Potter universe and this would help me out a great deal.

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antdickens wrote:

Tethers wrote:

Because this topic has over 3'700 views, isn't it at least an indication for Nintendolife that many other seem to be interested on this?

Not really, the number of views doesn't directly indicate the number of people interested, there are many factors that go into that number.

Of course, but the title of this topic is clear, and if you compare the amount of views to other threads in this forum you can clearly see that it has one of the highest numbers.

antdickens wrote:

We manually enter UK/US pricing, therefore we can automate the EU pricing. Copy/pasting the EU prices would be unnecessary additional work.

But wouldn't it be just a new field where you type the prices in? Therefore, I think we talk here about 1 or 2 seconds of "more work", or? I mean I tried it by myself now, and it took me about 1 second to click on a field in my browser an another second to type "4,99" in there.



Many thanks!



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