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As the title says, my 3DS browser no longer has these buttons in forum posts. I don't know if it was the recent 3DS update, or some change on the site. The top of the posts (where the time stamp is posted) are now grey, just like the signature's color.

Sorry if there is already a topic for this elsewhere, but I couldn't find it.

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Still there for me.

I'm browsing the desktop version though.


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@navi: are you using a Wii U or 3DS, though? They show up just fine on my iPhone on mobile or desktop. I know there was a problem with them the other day when Ant originally switched them up, and I'd thought he'd gotten it all hammered out when they were showing up on my phone again, but i suppose there's still a bit more hammering out to do. :3

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CanisWolfred wrote:

Interesting. I'm browsing on my iPad and the buttons are always there. Just the Nintendo browser that's the problem?

I'm pretty sure Safari defaults to the desktop version on the iPad. Could be wrong, though.

On a related note: When did the quote and report buttons become hidden until you hover over them? Is that new?


I think its because the buttons only show up now when you mouse-over the post. Mobile browsers lack a "mouse", so they're permanently hidden, there's nothing to trigger the mouse-over event.

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Hey guys,

This should now be solved on non-desktop devices (eg, 3DS, Wii U etc), if you still can't see the edit buttons please let me know!


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What time posted spot? BTW, I'm using Microsoft Surface Pro, Windows 8 browser, and the buttons aren't there! So, I guess it doesn't work for tablets, either. I don't have mouseover function even though I'm using desktop equivalent.

Oh, Time posted spot. It works when I hover my stylus over them, but it's very, very inconvenient. Note, though, that regular Surface RT user lacks stylus and thus impossible for them to do so. Please don't hide those buttons! Can't you make it a user preference or something? TIA.

It also works if you have keyboard attached with mouse pad on it. It's still very inconvenient because the keyboard pad flexes, and not at all easy to use with precision. Since keyboard is optional, not everybody has them, and I verified that touching the spot directly on glass doesn't work.

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Here's what's happening to tablet users using Desktop browser (MSIE Win 8 Surface Pro):

Is there any plan to fix this or what?

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