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I sometimes see similar and even identical threads on the forums and thought it might be a good idea to have a duplicate button, that gives a box to add links to identical threads for the mods to check, and if they agree they are identical they could simply lock the newer topic and add a link to the original.



Looking at the title, I thought this was about the recent user impersonation at first.
A lot of the time users or the mods who lock the threads simply just posts the link to the original thread so this feature wouldn't exactly be needed.

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I was thinking it would be useful instead of posting the links in the thread, it could be done anonymously, sometimes it can be helpful posting links to help point the asker to what they are looking for, but not everyone is particularly thankful for it, and seem to see as taking a shot at them, this way you could notify just the mods and let them make what ever judgment they feel is right, also I'm not saying its wrong to post links to other threads which may have the same kind of info, I'm meaning repeated identical threads only.



Something needs to happen. I just noticed a 'what are you watching?' thread which has an older and wiser brother out there somewhere, I can't be bothered to post in the new one, or search for the old one. This is happening often now.

I'm watching a documentary that's celebrating Hubble btw, just so you know.

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Lol it's 100 times better than gamefaqs though...There have been single forum pages with like 4 topics that are almost identical, the majority of which are populated with douchey comments directed at others deriding them for their lack of use of the Search function. Ahh, the massive fecal enchilada that is gamefaqs forums....

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